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We are the Hooded Mimes, but we once were called Hooded Mimes Kickn Faygo. We changed of name cause all ya bitch ass Juggalettes and Juggalos thought we where getting up in ICPís shit. To all those Juggalettes and Juggalos , Shut your trap or Iíll bust out the nail gun shut it for you. Dis is da story; back in high school there came to be four ruffless ninjas representin on the streets of Hoffman Estates. These cats had a killa idea to mess with the schools public affairs. So they signed up for the schools battle of the bands. These ninjas hitched a plan to bust on stage as mimes with hoods and faygo. After signin up for dis show, nothin was planed until an hour before the show. With the help of a participatin band, Down To None, the got a killa show together. With three members of DTN playin music, the act went on. Man we confused the shit out of a lot of people. They had no clue what the hell was goin down. To our surprise those bitches in the audience actually liked our pasty white asses. Thatís how we came to be. After that show there were only a couple more appearances. The mimes ended shortly after and everyone went their separate ways. Rumors of a new group spread, but that never happened. Now one of the former members is goin lone ranger style on your asses, and heís gonna bust out with some of the craziest shit the mimes have seen. Check the Lone Mime section of the site. Below is a list of people in our little group. The old Hooded Mimes.

Barth BudysSteve Farmandi
Jeremy PtakNoel Schutt