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Here you will find pictures and information about shows we have already done. Click on the show you want to see.
Conant Show Random Stuff Amc Show Afternights Show

Playin air guitar
End of show

CONANT BATTLE OF THE BANDS: We entered our schools battle of the bands as a joke and ended up actually doing it. We where in two garbage bags in the middle of the stage. When the music started to play we jumped out and mimed it. Back to top

Inside of Eagle
Dancin by video store
Infront of video store
Outside of Walmart
Inside Ben&Jerry's

RANDOM STUFF IN PUBLIC: One day we decided to do some public appearances. We went to Eagle, Wal-Mart, Hollywood Video, and Ben&Jerry's. As soon as we walked into Wal-Mart, we had ruffless ninjas telling us to leave. Hollywood Video called the cops. And Eagle didn't give two shits that we where blastin Brick House and dancin. Back to top

Dancin with bad cat
Going to AMC
Just another pic

AMC SHOW: We put this whole show together on the way to AMC. When we got there we started dancin; just to get some people looking in our direction. Then we did our little act and where kicked out. Most the pictures we took didn't come out. Back to top

Mimes in the pit
Gettin crazy in pit
Ren on bass w/ mime
Jon tuning guitar
Crowd shot

AFTERNIGHTS SOUND STAGE: This was Down to None's show, but they asked us to come along. We basically didn't do anything till the last song. On the last song we went nutz. A pit broke out, so we all jumped off the stage into it. During the last song, a guy (he's wearing a bright green shirt in one of the pit pics) jumped off the stage and fell on his ass. Back to top